Identity: Banu Israel – Who are they?

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم


The most frequently asked question that is put to us Muslims of Bantu (sub-saharan African) origin is;

How do you know that we are the descendants of Banu Israel ?

Our reply has been consistent : We will look at the various evidences.


At this point, lets address the issue of paradigm which colours our perceptions, giving validation to some ideas and making others seem farfetched and even ridiculous.  The way in which we understand things is even more vital than the data in which we make predictions or build ideas.  Paradigm is not always truth!


It is without doubt that we live, at present, in an environment that is Eurocentric which sees everything from a European point of view.  This clearly isn’t a problem if you’re European in Europe but this becomes problematic if you are dealing with things outside of this context, especially regarding the history or culture of others. 


Many within the West African ( Bantu ) community when the discussion of identity comes up, are willing to accept that we are slaves or we are uncivilised or similar.  Both Bantu and non-Bantu will be pre-programmed to respond in this way simply due to the paradigm of Eurocentricity.


The claim we are descendants of Banu Israel is met with doubt and dismissal due to the pre-programming and no knowledge whatsoever of the subject.


Self hate sometimes plays a big role in regards to the Bantu person. The European has and will always support their own hegemony.  Self-hate can only be suggested when the person, in the absence of any real evidence,  just rejects out of hand or finds it difficult to believe or accept that the Bantu was anything but noble at all.


The Evidence

We will discuss various types of evidences that build a picture that should be, to any open-minded person, enough to establish that the Bantus are the descendants of the Children of Israel. 

We will look at oral history, history, scripture and DNA science to establish a base to support this.  Click on any of the links below


Oral ——– Scriptures ——– DNA


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